Friend Websites

Aberrant Image

A photography portfolio site, using the Tography Lite theme for WordPress, which is minimalist and light on text so that the images shine.

Alec Creed

A professional portfolio site using WordPress. Sub-domains are used to host personal blogs dedicated to photography, language and guitar learning and philosophy.

Alec Creed

A professional portfolio site, but this time using the popular Joomla content management system.

Anna Mess

A different type of portfolio site, created by a talented Bulgarian-English filmmaker, that eschews the typical blogging format.

Diligent Degu

An example of how an individual or organisation may manage a group of their related websites, by using WordPress multisite. This help by allowing certain administrative changes to be made in one place.

Make The Ends Meet

A community site that focuses on sharing tips on living economically.

Moto Mana

A motorcycling lifestyle blogging and resource site with a magazine style using the popular Twenty Fourteen theme. The site provides a mixture of original and linked content, with motorcycling routes an reviews of related accommodation and places to stay or take refreshments.

Natty Frank

A corporate website for a design consultancy.

Rhyme Extrinseca

An example of a website that suits the writer or author, wherein literary text is king and the use of images is correspondingly lighter. Hence the Author WordPress theme is used.